Greg Perry's View

For June 12, 2021.

Dear Editor: What happened in London, Ont., breaks my heart. It is particularly disheartening since it appears that the perpetrator, Nathaniel Veltman, is a “young blond white man with Dutch heritage.” That someone with the privilege he presumably grew up with could have, it seems, turned out to be a hate-motivated terrorist who committed multiple murders is beyond me. After a fair trial and assuming conviction, I hope he is ineligible for parole for at least 100 years.

But I am also angry that Munir El-Kassem, imam of the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, used his opportunity when speaking at the podium for the vigil associated with this horrific act, to link this anti-Muslim violence by a Veltman, to Palestinians and the recent “troubles” in Jerusalem and Israel. (As far as I know, Veltman is neither Jewish nor Israeli.) Tolerance goes both ways. To quote Sen. Linda Frum: “That the vigil for the victims was used as an opportunity to vent Jew-hatred — only enhances this calamity.”

There should be no tolerance for hate regardless of its source. What the imam did was anti-Semitic dog-whistling pure and simple. And it is shameful that, at least, some in the crowd cheered.

Gordon Swaters, West Kelowna

Latest plan shows no plan

Dear Editor: The front page of The Daily Courier on June 11 (“Towering proposal returns”) showing another development in Kelowna requesting revised plan approval is no surprise.

Development will occur unabated without a plan, which this mayor and council don’t have. They want more bicycles, less cars, and yet approve three huge car wash complexes in or near downtown.

More homes in the Upper Mission and Kettle Valley, yet not one foot of new or widened road. Unabated, Kelowna will become gridlocked.

Does council have any vision or plan?

Lyle Shrigley, Kelowna

Not too late to block Pinnacle

Re: “Too late to block build at Pinnacle,” June 9, Editorial.

Dear editor: The editor is correct in saying Gallagher’s Canyon is unlike the rest of Kelowna. Unlike the rest of Kelowna, residents pay to operate their own waste water treatment plant. The developer (Burrard) owns the plant, but residents pay monthly to maintain and repair it.

The WWTP is over 25 years old and does not have the capacity to include 40 more homes, or 80 more residents.

The editor referenced that Gallagher’s does not want their pretty little course tampered with. It is not the residents’ course; it is owned by the developer, but it is zoned Parkland and Recreation.

This pretty little course is surrounded by trees, weeds, bushes, native plants as well as an abundance of wildlife.

Some of the wildlife are on the endangered species list as identified by the Species at Risk Act and have critical recognized habitats in Gallagher’s Canyon – specifically, at the proposed development site. What about the millions of dollars the CoK is spending to open up beach access to the lake? Why is beach land more of a priority than recreational land for golf?

The statement that Gallagher’s is not like its rural neighbours is partly correct. We are in a community setting, but we have to drive through rural roads to get to the community. The roads to Gallagher’s are not lit by city lights.

We cannot get restaurant deliveries because it’s considered rural. We also do not get our streets cleared of snow and repaired by the City of Kelowna. Our monthly strata fees pay for those services.

The editor’s comment that Gallagher’s is wealthier than other Kelowna neighborhoods is inaccurate. What about neighborhoods along the lake, Wilden, and Upper Mission to name a few?

The Canyon and Pinnacle courses are not just for Gallagher’s residents but for public play, too. The developer has indicated it might develop the entire Pinnacle course. That would be a loss to not only Kelowna, but tourists as well.

This development goes against the developer’s commitment that defines the residential architectural design, plan, statutory building schemes and site location specific to the single family residential and townhome development at Gallagher’s. The condominium development application proposal is non-compliant with the Developer Disclosure Statements provided to 644 homeowners.

The editor says Gallagher’s is not natural anymore. There are lots of common areas throughout Gallagher’s that are natural as well in and around the Canyon and Pinnacle golf courses.

Debbie Pypers, Kelowna

Pinnacle just the beginning

Re: “Too late to block build at Pinnacle,” June 9, Editorial.

Dear Editor: Not only is the tone condescending, many critical factors have been completely overlooked. To see the number of city policies this building contravenes, please go to

If council decides to ignore its official community plans that definitely will have an impact on the whole city.

Trish and Tom Rathwell, Kelowna