A little levity for the season

Dear Editor:

Dollar signs ring

Council seems to be listening

At City Hall, for all the staff,

The money is glistening

It’s a beautiful sight

Council and Staff

Are you happy tonight?

Walking in development wonderland.

Gone away is the green bird

Trying to stay is the Lark bird

They sing a love song

As Summerlanders go along

Walking in development


In the valley they’re trying

to build some condos

By pretending they’re giving Summerland a crown.

But we say “NO MAN”

Council should consider doing that in TOWN.

Later on

As they conspire

We’ll let them know

This town shouldn’t go higher.

We will face unafraid

Public hearings being made

Walking in development wonderland.

Karen and Bob Walker


Opposition is inconsiderate

Dear Editor:

There is a lot of talk about legalizing the marijuana weed and other psychedelics. Pay no attention to the narrow-minded, inconsiderate, uneducated opposition aligned with the anti-democratic, misogynist, racist, reactionary old school.

One thing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows is drugs and that’s why legalizing marijuana is a high priority for our Liberal government. Considerate people like us have an obligation to command progress for social change for the working class.

Legalizing psychedelic drugs offers tremendous health and economic opportunities.

Canada will soon be the only G12 nation to legalize marijuana. Canada will be the greatest tourist destination for drug sales and tourism. Pot will be sold on every corner and you can grow your own weed in your backyard.

Why should organized crime profit from dealing drugs when our government can do it as well? The future is bright with new economic opportunities in production, marketing and of course everyday use.

Research supports rising use of psychedelics for better health and to expand our mind and achieve transcendental peace. Happy people are contented people.

It’s time to get onboard to support our fantastic prime minister’s mission to bring unfettered access to marijuana and other psychedelics to help the homeless, our youth. and all progressive families. At least one great leader is willing to stand up for what is right, even if naysayers are trying to block progress.

Sunny ways!

Bobbe Wemock


Christmas opportunity

Dear Editor:

Church-going runs the risk, today, of being a higher hobby. For some people of gumption, it can become a social occasion, providing an opportunity to sing. Jesus and his Gospel comes now before the world in the interpretation devised by the media more than through the read Word of God guided by the church. I am convinced, as a new emphasis, church members everywhere have to give priority to the question of Jesus.

Can we see again Christmas for what it was in the beginning?

It was about a presence, an event, an encounter with Jesus, son of God, which overwhelmed the early christians. Jesus revealed himself to them as a a stupendous mystery of love, life and resurrection. Out of this growing family. the first three popes after St. Peter were slaves. They found real freedom in Him.

Without Jesus of Nazareth, it is so easy for us to live our lives in a mechanical way, going through routines everyday robotically,

losing the excitement of mystery, the freshness of freedom and astonishment, which as children we had implicitly.

As a result, the modern Christmas leaves us rushing around, one routine following another.

We are distracted by the party atmosphere, but deadened by the pressures of work and meeting the demands of today’s world.

In 1988, during such a Christmas, I received a card from an Anglican priest, John Gaisford, who was my best friend when we worked among the coal mining villages of South Yorkshire, U.K..

On the side, he referred me to a Scripture passage based on Psalm 37:4. “Seek your happiness in Christ and he will give you the desires of your heart.” He died suddenly a short time later, but he’d directed me to the best choice I ever made.

Another Yorkshire person, Charlotte Bronte, thrills my heart this Christmas with a stunning light for the season: that eventually she became more conscious of not loving Jesus of Nazareth, than of her acts of enmity committed against him.

Nowhere is the gift of Jesus more illuminating than at the funerals of those who have taken on the robe of baptism in real life.

I was thrilled this past year to hear a priest comment at a funeral mass, “We are here today because of one man, Jesus of Nazareth, and he is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the only one who can take us to everlasting life.”

I felt that this declaration threw light in all directions and still does for me at every funeral Mass.

To whom do we the baptized belong this Christmas? Do we dare to ask questions again about what we are doing with our lives?

Fr. Harry Clarke.


Photo radar is a cash grab

Dear Editor:

Kelowna city councillor Gail Given is not pleased that there are fewer speeders in the Okanagan.

Either that or she believes the RCMP are not doing their jobs in catching them.

During budget deliberations she is quoted as saying: “As a way to offset the loss of more than $300,000 in traffic fine

revenue shared by the province, Councillor Gail Given brought up the motorists four-letter word, photo radar.”

“If we were putting more effort to traffic speed regulation, we may see more of those revenues come back to us.”

So now tell me it is not just about the money. I say cash grab.

 Gord Marshall


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