Re: Residents fed up with McKinley chaos, June 18.

McKinley Beach (formerly Vintage Landing, formerly Kinnikinnick) does have the city's ear. Despite 10 or more residents speaking in opposition, including McKinley Landing Association's official stance (one outlier in support) to the increase in the number of dwellings at the Nov. 5, 2014, city council meeting, it was unanimously passed.

The developer was quoted in this newspaper as saying those opposed are "stubborn or confused." The city does not require this developer to build any roads until more than 51 per cent build out. This was negotiated for initial application 10 years ago. It was bad for McKinley residents then, and it still is.

With a limit of 1,300 single dwellings, there might never be a need to build a new road or entrance. As shareholders in this city we feel more like onlookers.

Shane Jamieson, Kelowna

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