Greg Perry's View

For July 28, 2021

Dear Editor: Three weeks ago I spoke on the phone with Peter, who mans the local library’s reference desk.

He volunteered to request a couple books for me on a topic I was interested in.

He would have used his computer to look up my account number.

It didn’t occur to me at the time to tell him I had not used my library card for years. Using my wife’s account is more convenient.

When I went to the library, I realized I couldn’t check out those two books at the self-serve terminal so I approached the lady behind the main counter and explained my problem.

When I showed her my driver’s license for identification, her fingers danced briefly on her keyboard.

Then she looked up with a puzzled expression and said, “The computer is telling me you were born in 1900.”  I replied, “I know I’m old, but I don’t think I’m that old.”

She requested to see my driver’s licence again and asked me to state my date of birth.

Her fingers did another dance. Then she ran her barcode reader over the two books and handed them to me.

As I turned to leave, she gave me a polite smile and turned to her computer.

Her fingers started dancing again. Knowing some people are intimidated by computers while others believe those electronic marvels are infallible, I couldn’t help wondering if altering my data had caused her any anxiety.

I have now convinced myself that she did have some qualms and quashed them by changing my birth date back to 1900… and that’s why I’ve been feeling so much older lately. 

Lloyd Atkins, Vernon

Can’t buy off seniors; you can support them

Dear Editor: Just a couple of thoughts on the $500 one-time payment for old age pensioners next month.

It’s a cheap pre election ploy by the Liberals. The proper thing to do would be to give the seniors, receiving the GIS a decent raise, (without subtracting it from the GIS) instead of the paltry 1% or 1.5% so called cost of living increase.

The cost of everything far outweighs the raise we get. It seems all industries have jumped on the Covid bandwagon and raised prices. We, on fixed incomes, are finding it harder, to make ends meet. 

Just my thoughts. Maybe someone can add their thoughts, too.

Bob Harris, Lake Country