Greg Perry's View

For July 20, 2021

Site C not a done deal yet

Re: LNG is not an acceptable transition fuel, says ex-MLA, July 17

Dear Editor: I agree that LNG is not an acceptable transition fuel for the reasons he gives, but to state that “the power generated by Site C must be used creatively to build a truly sustainable renewable energy economy” when he earlier says that “Site C should have been cancelled” leaves me with the impression that he thinks the Site C dam is going ahead regardless of the overwhelming negatives. 

Well, not so fast. This is not a done deal. 

In April, the B.C. Supreme Court ordered the B.C. government and BC Hydro to disclose to West Moberly First Nation the full, un-redacted Milburn Report and all its appendices (only a summary of the report has been made public), as well as all documents relating to the projected final cost and safety of the Site C dam. 

This information will be used in a 120-day trial expected to start in March as West Moberly First Nations is suing BC Hydro along with the federal and B.C. governments over the project. 

Chief Roland Willson said that since adhering to the treaty, which covers the territory, they have been told constantly to go somewhere else. As he stated, “We don’t have another Peace River valley to replace this one. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

I find it very interesting that as the graves of First Nations children are detected, some of the people who mourn include those who still run roughshod over First Nations’ rights — one prime example being the Site C dam fiasco which would also include the loss of prime agricultural land, blocking of wildlife corridors, and a cost that would hit everyone dearly for power we don’t need.

Peter Kerr, Kelowna

W. Kelowna resident frustrated by lack of updates

Dear Editor: Mayor and councillors, where are you? I can’t remember the last time we were updated on two of the most serious concerns in our community: the state of “our” power supply and “our” water system.

We have heard several times about the state of progress on “your” new city hall. It’s all about priorities, right?

What have you been doing about our water system? We are constantly under a “boil water advisory.” The costs we pay the city for our water is exorbitant when most of the time all we can safely use the water for is watering our lawns and plants.

For safe drinking water, do you know how many residents have turned to bottled water providers and we are paying again for safe, odour-free drinking water. Do you care? Why is this required without the city discounting the cost of supplying their water to us?

And the current wildfire near the old Brenda Mine site near Pennask Lake is again threatening the power line and our only source of power. I saw Mayor Gord Milsom making a token appearance on television stating it’s a concern. Wow!

Why after 17 years is it still a concern? Why hasn’t it been built or well into completion? What have you and your council been actively doing about it?

This has been a source of frustration among residents in West Kelowna and Peachland.

In 2015, then-premier Christy Clark announced BC Hydro would build a new transmission line to West Kelowna.

In a Daily Courier story Saturday, a BC Hydro spokesman said there are now two options on the table: a second traditional transmission line about 73 kilometres long from the Nicola Valley, or a submerged power line across Okanagan Lake connecting the Westbank substation to FortisBC’s system. A decision is to be made later this year, but there is still no updated timeline for construction.

There has been lots of time for government studies, more than ample time for the mayor and councils of West Kelowna to have lobbied and provided input for this project to have it pushed forward and completed by now.

Where is Ben Stewart, our current MLA, and what is he doing? He has been quiet as well. Is this situation just the result of having a NDP government and a Liberal MLA? Sad when governments cannot represent “all” the people, “all” the time!

A BC Hydro spokesperson stated they were still working on making the right choice for this new power line. In 2015, it was 3 choices.

Taxpayer money is being wasted studying things to death, and work is being purposely delayed using studies as the excuse.

It makes no logical sense to parallel another power line in from the Merritt area through the same terrain that is subject to wildfires today. I believe laying a power line across the bottom of Okanagan Lake into West Kelowna to be the only obvious safe choice.

Enough already, get these projects completed.

David W. Kuhn, West Kelowna

Editor’s note: The Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant is slated for completion in 2022, according to the City of West Kelowna’s website.

Human evolution stopped 10 years ago, blame the music

Dear Editor: And now for something completely different, as Monty Python would say, and, perhaps on the lighter side. What we, as a society, are witnessing here is a complete shattering of social norms, which indeed, define us generationally, our unique zeitgeist.

If one would apply music as an example, in this context, I would say, whatever happened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, and, yes, Elvis, The Beatles, the Chiffons and on … some of you readers know just what I mean.

Petula Clark sang it best, “It’s a Sign of the Times.” Now, music social norm has deteriorated immensely. But I digress.

The real concern is a return to a “hunter, gatherer” society, where so many in our midst, harken back to a primitive culture. We experience this on a global scale.

Homo sapiens first appeared around 300,000 years ago. Since then, our species has evolved progressively, although this point may be questioned, until approximately 10 years ago. It is uncertain if this event was caused by some unknown aberration in the social norm or some unexpected genetic mutation. There are some circles that believe contemporary music was the insidious cause.

However, the most likely, and intellectually accepted reason for this anachronistic behaviour, and its application to contemporary social norm, is caused by a genetic regression.

It is widely known that modern human genes contain approximately 2% Neanderthal DNA. It has therefore become obvious, to have manifested itself in the current social norm as displayed in men with facial hair/beards and tattoos, and in women with torn jeans and tattoos.

Going forward, evolutionary biologists will be able to confirm this.

The fortunate aspect of this "problem" is that current genetic technology can possibly correct this defect with CRISPR editing.

On the other hand, sociologists will look back and perhaps attribute it to excessive noise pollution through speakers. Time will tell.

Lynn Bryngelson, Kelowna

Peachland tea will have more scones next time

Dear Editor: We would like to pass our thanks on to The Daily Courier/Westside Weekly freelance photographer Barb Aguiar, who spent the whole of Sunday afternoon photographing our English Cream Tea at the Little School House in Peachland.

Next time we will make sure we reserve Barb a cream tea for her to enjoy, too!

Coming from the U.K., I have visualized such an event for the last three years. Thanks to those on the committee, Linda Norden, chairperson of the Little Schoolhouse, along with her hubby, Marv, Linda Lee Klippenstein, wife of our own town crier, who not only was invaluable on the day but provided the wonderful silverware, along with her amazing hubby, and our other volunteers, it was able to become a reality. 

So successful, in fact, we had to disappointingly turn people away as we had run out of scones.

There will be another held in August where we plan to take reservations so that no one will be disappointed and we will be needing more volunteers so if anyone would like to get dressed in Victorian garb you will be more than welcome to join us.

Once again thanks to all the volunteers and to all those for coming, especially those who dressed for the occasion, which made it extra special.

Gill Evans, Peachland