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Dear Editor: What happened in London, Ont., breaks my heart. It is particularly disheartening since it appears that the perpetrator, Nathaniel Veltman, is a “young blond white man with Dutch heritage.” That someone with the privilege he presumably grew up with could have, it seems, turned ou…

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Dear editor: I can only speak for myself, but I was born in 1969 and am now not sure what, if any, history I learned in school (Re: “No more excuses for an evil system,” Opinion, June 5).

Bertram tower not for families: I watched with interest the Kelowna council meeting of Tuesday where Mayor Colin Basran and council fawned over the proposed BC Housing affordable rental highrise, a 20-storey tower on Bertram Street. Apparently, 56% of the units will be two or three bedrooms …

Dear editor: I strongly believe that Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the world. I was so excited and happy to turn my Canadian dreams into reality when I arrived in 2017 as a caregiver. But in just less than a month, everything went wrong.

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Dear Editor: I hesitate to bore your readers with an overly detailed rebuttal of some ill-informed opinions, but I think your readers deserve some facts about how city planning actually works (“City Hall leaves taxpayers on the hook,” Letters, Jan. 19, by Richard Drinnan).