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Dear Editor: I hesitate to bore your readers with an overly detailed rebuttal of some ill-informed opinions, but I think your readers deserve some facts about how city planning actually works (“City Hall leaves taxpayers on the hook,” Letters, Jan. 19, by Richard Drinnan).

Dear Editor: I put my mask on and travelled into downtown Kelowna last Saturday, to witness the anti-mask rally. From previous reports, there have been up to 150 people in attendance. There were only approximately 40-50 in attendance.

Dear editor: I, too, feel that the city planning department and the mayor and council are too keen to allow high-rise development in Kelowna, contrary to the official community plan (Re: “Kelowna City Hall leaves taxpayers on the hook,” Jan. 20). Further to the discussion, it is not just the…

It’s mid-January 2021 and I am alive and well after a “brush” with the dangerous and deadly coronavirus.

Dear Editor: School board chair Moyra Baxter, in alliance with the Board of Education and teachers’ union, claims parents and public should not have access to Grade 4 and 7 student test results that measure how well students can read, write, and do math. Using their stated rationale, they wo…

Dear editor: I am fully in support of the Ministry of Health restrictions regarding worship in this time when escalating transmission of Covid-19 cases are threatening the capacity of our health-care system.


Dear Editor: If it has not been said before, I thought of a moniker for Adrian Dix, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Dr. Theresa Tam — “Horgan’s Heroes.” Bravo to them.

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Dear Editor: What has happened to the right of free speech? Is it reserved for only those who support popular opinion? Can individuals not peacefully express dissenting opinions without fear of reprisal?

Dear Editor: J.P. Squire’s Oct. 24 column commented on the poor condition of the KVR Trail in many areas. It referenced the lack of maintenance between Chute Lake and Bellevue Trestle, although that condition exists in many places along the trail, especially near road access points such as t…