Dear Editor:

I am horrified and saddened at what took place at the Nov. 11 ceremonies in Kelowna.

In all my 85 years I have never seen anything like that. Yes, we are fortunate in this country to believe what we want to and to demonstrate peacefully. But we do not have the right to step all over others’ rights and beliefs.  

The actions taken by the non-vaxxers went far beyond civil.

Their shameful, disgusting, disrespectful, insensitive and uncaring behaviour was tantamount to desecrating a grave or storming the funeral of someone’s loved one. How dare they!  

It is time for us to return to a more civilized behaviour. It saddens and angers me that we have become such a me, myself and I society.  

This reminds me of a child’s or teenager’s behaviour, which is understandable at that stage of their life. But it’s totally unacceptable once we reach adulthood.  

It’s time our society stopped tolerating these spoiled, immature brats.

I’m sure I speak for many others when I say I’m so tired of hearing these people moaning and complaining that they are being prevented from being able to do whatever they want wherever and whenever they want.

I’ve got news for them. Rights come with responsibility. It’s time to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult. If these people think they’ve got it tough, they don’t know what tough is.

I was a child during the Second World War. I remember us having to black out our windows and take refuge under our kitchen table during an air-raid warning because there were Japanese submarines off the coast of Vancouver Island and they were releasing bomb balloons and you never knew where they were going to land.  

This was in Cranbrook. And yes, it was frightening.  

We were also put on rationing of several foods and many everyday products. The first was sugar, followed by tea, coffee, butter, meat, alcohol and gas. Rubber products were gone. No one could purchase new tires. New cars could not be purchased for private use. Restrictions were extended to clothing, towels, sheeting, blankets to conserve wool and textile supplies and silk, which was needed for parachutes.  

Cosmetics and nail polish were limited. Restrictions were enforced in restaurants, etc. which resulted in Meatless Tuesdays, a limit of one cup of coffee per sitting, the amount of ice cream served in one cone and the size of milkshakes.

And then, those who had family members fighting in the war, which was just about every family, never knew when that knock on the door would be a telegram announcing the loss of a loved one.  

The type of behaviour displayed by these anti-vaxxers would have resulted in a lot of heavy-duty ass kicking by our Second World War society.

So non-vaxxers, you think you’ve`ve got it bad when you can’t enter your local bar or restaurant, I’ve got news for you. It’s time for a reality check.

Doris Karvonen, West Kelowna