Dear Editor:

After reading Wednesday’s article written by Harvey Oberfeld (Vaccinated deserve to have their surgeries, page A6, Oct. 20), we could not agree with him more.

The anti-vaxxers should not be taking up hospital beds for COVID-19 related illnesses when they had every opportunity to get a free life-saving vaccine like the rest of us.

We feel sorry for the health-care workers who have to deal with these relentless covidiots.

It should be an offence for someone to take up a ICU bed unnecessarily. They are taxing our medical services, which causes harm and death to the population that got vaccinated and are following all rules.

When is the government going to mandate a date when hospitals can stop treating unvaccinated persons with COVID-related illnesses?

We agree, you have the right not to

get vaxxed, but you don’t have the right to fill up our hospitals because you

refuse to take the free life-saving


Dayle Millington, Penticton