Dear editor:

The e-scooter program is just one more problem facing Kelowna residents who wish to travel our city sidewalks and pedestrian walkways safely.

As daily walkers, we have noticed that many users of our pedestrian or recreational pathways do not adhere to the bylaws governing the use of said pathways nor do they adhere to any rules of etiquette that make the use of our beautiful walks and trails safe and enjoyable for all.

Our experience has been that the majority of cyclists or scooter riders do not give a warning bell or call out when they are about to pass and quite a few ride by as if they are training for the Tour de France.

One wrong move by a pedestrian or rider and serious injuries are sure to be incurred. The introduction of e-scooters just added to this problem.

Recently, when I politely reminded three young adults that the scooters weren’t allowed on the sidewalk I was told by one of the young women that “the last time I looked you aren’t a police officer.” This was said just as the woman rode her e-scooter over the nice blue circle on the sidewalk indicating that sidewalks were not for e-scooters!

Not one e-scooter rider that we have seen was wearing a helmet and every single rider was riding on the sidewalk.

Our city needs to focus on enforcing current bylaws to keep cyclists, skateboarders, and regular scooters off the sidewalks and riding properly and safely in bike lanes or multiuse pathways.

A recent news report noted the majority of e-scooter riders were using them for pleasure and not as an alternate mode of transport. Nearly 70% of respondents to an online survey favoured that the program being cancelled. Hopefully, our council will truly listen to the citizens of Kelowna.

B. Carr, Kelowna