I am a Canadian and I am insulted

In the past month, I have received three sets of eight Christmas cards from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Wildlife Federation and Diabetes Canada and In each set of cards, only a couple of cards mentioned the word Christmas.

It appears to be an offensive word and we are to refrain from using it and replace it with Season’s Greetings or Greetings for the Holidays.

Consequently, they will not receive any donation from me this year. Christmas is soon coming. Will we also have to give up the words Santa Claus, Christmas tree and any religious symbols like the creche or decorated Christmas tree?

This reminds me of a similar situation taking place now in Canada with the threat to remove anything that will remind us of our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Over 150 years ago, he used some words that were acceptable then, but not now, and we have to make amends to some.

Yes, it is suggested we remove his name completely from all public buildings, his pictures and his statue in Toronto. I wonder if his picture on our $10 bill will also be removed?

My grandparents arrived over 100 years ago and they chose Canada as the country they wanted to live in. They loved Canada, like I still do. They, like those early immigrants, knew that “home” was where customs, manners, languages†and religions were taught.

My grandparents and parents had no trouble assimilating and they worked beastly hard to make a living on a sandy isolated farm northeast of Winnipeg. The only crops they could plant were fall rye and flax. That was my family’s humble beginning in Canada, but they became proud successful Canadians.

I feel our federal government, provincial governments, big and small companies should not rush into changing our Canadian traditions for a few requests, criticisms and complaints from a few who appear to have too much idle time on their hands.

We are proud Canadians, knowing Canada is one of the peaceful countries in the world and we treasure all our traditions and do not want them changed.

Dot Davies-Fuhrman, Kelowna

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