Hospital patients don’t deserve screaming mobs

Dear Editor:

Emotional words I read and had to share: Things that happen every day at hospitals:

People walk out after saying goodbye to their mother for the last time.

People arrive frantic after a call that their child has been taken by ambulance to emergency.

Parents get in their car, exhausted, after their fourth visit to the NICU that day.

Friends wait patiently outside while their buddy waits for a psych evaluation for suicidal ideation.

Elderly husbands sit in their car while their elderly wife has a bone set from a fall.

Dozens of life altering events that have people at their most stressed, most fatigued or most worried. Many people at the hospital are having the worst day of their life.

None of those people should have to work their way through a mob of screaming idiots.

Never protest at a hospital.

Karen Bisceglia, West Kelowna

Government support helps those who need it

Dear Editor:

Re: When will government stop adding to our sky-high debt? (letter by Guy Bissonnette, Aug. 13).]

The writer beats his breast about “the numbers,” including a $500 bonus per senior and $35 billion for child care.

Improved child care is sorely needed so families can become dual-income and have something left at the end of the month.

As for the taxable $500 bonus, many seniors live below the poverty line.

Re: accusations Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the election out of greed. For months, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has been campaigning, incessantly  talking “election,” flipping  pancakes at the Calgary Stampede and attending “meet and greet” fundraisers, noticeably unmasked, yet at every  opportunity says there shouldn’t be an election “during a pandemic.” Hypocrisy?

“American style divisive politics,” say the Conservatives. Former prime minister Stephen Harper recently in the U.S. called Canada’s pandemic approach “overkill." Strange choice of words. Strange place to say it. American-style health care is the Conservative goal and they make no bones about it.  

O’Toole believes “private sector innovation improves outcomes.” He touts transfers “with no strings attached,” enabling provinces to subsidize private health care at the expense of public health, and private long term care homes to the detriment of public long term care.  

Why do we allow our tax dollars to be so used  when so many of us cannot access the public health care we require?

As to accusations the Liberals doctored videos, who can forget the Conservatives displaying campaign ads in 2015 against the Liberals that incorporated stills from ISIS videos of decapitation and drowning?  

Do the Conservatives’ present protests sound hypocritical to you? If not, they should.

Zoltan Lawrence, Kelowna

Liberals: tax the rich. Tories: tax cuts for the rich

Dear Editor:

Why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau call an early election? Because he can only pass certain things with a majority.

When the Conservatives had a majority under Stephen Harper, they reduced federal revenue by $45 billion per year by catering to the wealthy. How? By reducing corporate taxes from 22% to 15% ($31 billion per year) and reducing GST by 2% ($14 billion per year).

Both these tax reductions mainly benefited the wealthy. Seven per cent less tax on corporate earnings and thus larger shareholder dividends and 2% less tax on disposable income – of which the wealthy spend more and thus saved a bundle.

It should be noted Conservative-run provinces continue to do the same — tax breaks for the wealthy in the mistaken belief that money will “trickle down” (Reagan-omics) — the biggest scam of the century.

When the Liberals had a majority under Justin Trudeau, they created a new tax bracket (from 29% to 33%) for earnings over $250,000, and reduced the middle-class tax by 1.5%.

The Liberals also implemented new allowances that greatly benefited all Canadians and replaced the Conservative tax credits that only benefited Canadians who could afford to pay in advance.

The Conservatives also proposed they would put money in our pockets. How? By reducing the employers’ share of payroll contributions and forcing employees to save on their own – much to the detriment of future CPP recipients. Another benefit to wealthy shareholders.

The Conservatives put forth a motion that Trudeau could never raise taxes on the wealthy. A Liberal majority defeated that motion.

This Liberal government wants to raise taxes on corporations and eliminate loopholes for wealthy tax evaders – but they cannot do that without a majority. Thus, the election call.

I have faith the Canadian people will see the big picture and not just compartmentalize issues as the loyal opposition is doing.

Patrick MacDonald, Kelowna

Edmonton drive boring when you only have CBC

Dear Editor:

Since the time I was like say six years old, I believe, I have listened to CBC Radio, (unwillingly back then, I am sure, as I just listened to whatever dad was listening to).

Up in mountain passes and when no other radio station is available, I had no other choice at that time. I am sure you can appreciate this.

The time was now to finally voice myself on the overall boring content of CBC Radio and how super tiresome it really truly is!

Can there not be better, more interesting stories to listen to rather than say birds and like today, trees.

This finally did it on my overall frustration level with CBC Radio and I had to stop what I was doing and finally write in.

When you are in a moving truck, you do not have the luxury of satellite radio. So I feel stuck when this happens listening to just the birds and the bees, literally!

I am 51 now so this is 45 years of toleration and frustration in the making.

Please hire some more interesting, non-boring radio people who can keep us awake while driving to places like Edmonton on a move job for a customer today.

If your goal for the past 45 years is to try and put people to sleep, it is working.

Nol Preen, Kelowna

Trudeau plotting to steal the value of your home

Dear Editor:

Voters should be wary of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not boasting about. His next government will rob you of the equity you have in your home.

If he is re-elected, forget about downsizing your home upon retiring and using the excess equity to fund travel plans or supporting yourself in a comfortable retirement.

Currently, the proceeds of the sale of your principal home are sheltered from being taxed, but Trudeau will tax the sale of your home as income and if the gain on your home sale is in excess of $224,420, you will be taxed at 53.5%.

If you are over 65, you will also lose your Old Age Security benefit for the entire year through clawback rules.

If you purchased your home 10 years ago or more, it has probably appreciated in value by hundreds of thousands, so it will be taxed.

Consider Trudeau’s words on racism and then look at his actions. After being caught painting his face brown he said he couldn’t remember exactly how many times he’d done so.

He claims to be a feminist and also all about reconciliation with First Nations, but he fired his Indigenous female justice minister and attorney general, Jody-Wilson Raybould for not allowing him to interfere with the prosecution of SNC Lavalin. It became his second conviction of ethics violations.

Now, he called his second election in less than two years during the fourth wave of a pandemic hoping to fill his thirst for power and win a majority.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country