Reader appreciates efforts to keep printing paper

Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for arranging to have The Daily Courier printed in Vernon by your colleagues at Black Press.

In a very short time frame, this has helped us maintain a sense of normalcy, and shows that working together is so important in these uncertain days. I applaud everyone’s efforts in making this happen.

Pat McCutcheon, West Kelowna

Disrespect at cenotaph

Dear Editor:

Re: Anti-vaxxer protesters at Kelowna cenotaph on Nov. 11:

I was so deeply hurt over what happened on Remembrance Day in the City Park. My husband, father-in-law, brother-in-law and numerous other family members have served for their country and it was a blasphemy what the protesters did to ruin the day for a lot of veterans and family members attending to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers.

Shame on the city for not having proper policing in place. Surely the city should have known something like this would happen. The protesters were rude and disrespectful and somehow should be charged/fined for their actions.

There is a place and time for protesters, but it seems to have gotten out of hand. This has to stop. Protesters may have a right to protest but they do not have a right to disrupt my life.

It is incidents like this that will prompt my family and me to never attend another event in Kelowna, let alone the reputation our beautiful city is now getting from the terrible actions of the protesters.

With all the homelessness, crime, etc., in our city and now what has happened on Remembrance Day, I feel this is going to resonate for some time amongst the good citizens of our city.

I am 68 years old and have lived here for 57 years. This is not the Kelowna I know. Surely, the woman at the microphone who was so rude and disrespectful can be brought down a notch by charging and fining her to set an example to others that we citizens of Kelowna are not prepared to take these unnecessary disruptions like this on a day that is so solemn to so many.

Cynthia Warrilow, Kelowna

Shameful display by hooligans

Dear Editor:

The recent incident that took place at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Kelowna on Nov. 11 was a shameful disgrace perpetrated by a bunch misguided, disrespectful hooligans.

Remembrance Day ceremonies are to remember the men and women who fought and died to preserve our rights and freedoms in this country. These men and women are the very people that made it possible for you to have free speech and the right to peacefully protest whatever you bloody well want, without reprisal or fear of arrest.

The disrespect you hooligans demonstrated toward our fallen and the ones that made it home, was no less than hurtful, disgraceful and absolutely intolerable. Shame on you.

We hope the authorities will prosecute this to the fullest.

We hope that more upstanding citizens will make their views known about this selfish, insensitive, despicable act.

Jim and Lorraine Kean, Vernon

Free yourself from tyranny of gas prices with an electric car

Dear Editor:

I feel sorry for people driving off a car lot with a new gasoline-powered vehicle. They just don't seem to be getting it.

Locking themselves in to a continually rising price set by the mafia and not at all related to the cost of production or any other measure of value.

It is illegal to price fix in Canada but if you are the OPEC oil cartel, you can rig the price to whatever suits your fancy. I hear a lot of people bitching to the government about the price of fuel when the real culprits go unnoticed.

I stopped buying into the “oil is good for us” theory in the 1970s when OPEC decided to cut off the oil supply to North America. Having them drive their gold-plated Rolls Royces, paid for with my money was all I could take. Since then, I have been a staunch advocate for electric vehicles.

I refuse to debate any further with anti-electrics, if you want to give your money to the mafia, go ahead. My first electric was a 2012 Volt. It comes with a gas generator built in so you can drive as far as you want, just top up the tank.

I now drive a 2020 fully electric Ionic. It has gone 34,000 kilometres. Less than $100 in maintenance.

There is no reason for most car owners not to own an electric. Most of my charging is done right here at home. It takes five seconds to plug in, then I am free to do what I want — no fuss, no muss, no noxious fumes. Less than 1,000 km has been done through public charging.

Tesla isn’t the only EV producer. Most manufacturers now have at least one electric. Check out this web site to see the variety of vehicles offered in BC,

You can save up to $14,000 off the price of a new electric, mine was $34,000 off the lot, so take the plunge and save 80% off your fuel bill. In two-car families with an electric, there is always discussion about who gets to take the electric (usually she wins).

Gary Blidook, Kelowna

Conservative voice not welcome in BC Liberal party

Dear Editor:

In October of this year, it became clear that conservatives, and all British Columbians who believe in common sense and freedom of speech, may no longer be welcome in the BC Liberal Party. 

Seven unelected Liberal insiders held a backroom meeting wherein they rejected the candidacy of Aaron Gunn, who some label as a right-wing extremist.

These seven individuals claim that Gunn’s candidacy was “inconsistent with the BC Liberal Party’s commitment to reconciliation, diversity and acceptance of all British Columbians.”

You may or may not agree with Gunn’s positions on a broad range of issues affecting British Columbians and that’s OK, but isn’t that a decision for party members to make during the selection process of electing their leader? 

Is there something else at play here? Is it possible that Gunn presented a credible threat to the enclaves of political power currently held by party insiders? 

Were the political insiders afraid of debating Gunn with respect to issues relating to the very real failings of the BC Liberal Party during their tenure in power? Will BC Liberal leadership candidates stand up in defence of free speech?

Bill Shumborski, Kelowna