Power didn’t have to be cut to building for 10 days

Dear Editor:

It is with great disappointment that I write this letter about the Powers That Be (PTB) in regard to the power being turned off on our building for 10 days. They unnecessarily rubbed salt into the overall injury of the tragic crane collapse.

We grieve for the loss of loved ones in the collapse. 

We also grieve (maybe not the right word but I can’t think of a substitute) for the seniors that unnecessarily lost tens of thousands of dollars in fridges, freezers and food. 

The reason given for the evacuation and subsequent power shutdown was due to the damaged gas line and the instability of the remaining crane parts.

Everybody had a $1,000 deductible on their insurance policy but how many seniors can afford that extra hit to their pocket book, not to mention the cost of replacing all their food? Most policies have a food replacement clause but the amount is in the $500 area. I and others lost much more food than that clause covers.

With respect to the “instability” of the crane parts, two long cranes were brought in to stabilize the remaining crane tower, ergo, no more danger. With those cranes to help, there was no problem in removing the damaged crane. 

There was also an issue with the damaged gas line.  Well, the gas line was in another building across the lane and, although damaged, was intact. Our power could have been shut off for the one to two days it took to repair the gas line and restored the next day, thus averting huge losses for the seniors.

The PTB were unnecessarily cautious, to the detriment of those residents and us. Once the damaged crane was stabilized and the gas line fixed, the power should have been restored and, if deemed absolutely necessary that we be evacuated, at least let us get our cars and medications. Some residents were evacuated so fast that all they had were their keys and the clothes on their backs.  No wallet, no purse and — nothing.

There were several bad decisions made in the dismantling of the crane before the collapse and how it was handled after. It’s time safety factors and training were improved and common sense was used.

Rory Fader, Kelowna

Trickle-up economics gives Canada a chance

Dear Editor:           

It is reported that the COVID deficit has fallen steeply over the first two months of the fiscal year. Spending has dropped and government revenues increased by 86% from the previous year.

The Liberal government will continue CERB until October, while Conservatives preach the perils of high interest rates, the need to tighten our belt and balance the budget.

During the 2008 financial collapse, it was conservative corporatist thinking that saw salvation in bailing out the banks, while homeowners victimized by the bank’s predatory lending practices, got bupkis.

Erin O’Toole’s COVID relief plan was to bail out corporate and business owners — implying help would trickle down to the man on the street. But we already know from the Ronald Reagan days, trickle-down-economics is a myth.

A big part of the strong post-pandemic economic bounce already recorded by the Bank of Canada is because the Liberal government chose direct investment in Canada’s human capital, keeping ordinary Canadians financially whole demonstrates that trickle-up economics does work.

But, I fear, debt and balanced budgets will take a backseat to the real existential threat posed by climate change to our everyday life.

As I write this, Greenland is melting, while wild fires rage in Turkey and floods wash over parts of Germany and the U.K.

Brazil experienced its first snowfall in 63 years, and India has flooding in 10 coastal districts. Droughts threaten Africa’s water and food security, British Columbia is burning, while the Pacific Northwest is under a heat-dome. With little rain for weeks, prairie farmers are forced to reduce production.

On the other side of the world, high temperatures and freak floods submerge subway tunnels in Zhengzhou, China, and flood surrounding communities.

There are no safe places left. Climate change demands collective action now.

Over 40% of the world’s population live within 100 kilometres of a coastline. Greenhouse-gas emissions have already warmed the planet by more than 1 C since pre-industrial days. If the temperatures rise another two degrees, icecaps will melt even further creating hundreds of millions of environmental refugees fleeing coastal cities around the world flooded by rising seawater, not by millimetres, but by metres.

Canadians can see O’Toole’s corporatist agenda no longer provide the answers Canada’s future needs.

Jon Peter Christoff, West Kelowna

Anti-vaxxers put rest of us in danger

Dear Editor:

I am thoroughly done with all the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and their large group meetups, not just within the city, but the entire country, trying to convince the rest of the world that COVID-19 is a farce.  These people are delusional as to the false, wrong information they are spreading. They say they are “fighting for our ‘freedom’” and that the governments around the world are putting us in “oppression” and trying to keep us in line. Seriously? 

Like governments around the world would plot to make every single person miserable. 

Vaccines are safe. All the lie-spreading saying that they contain microchips so people can be mind-controlled by the world governments is beyond ludicrous.

You people are being fed lies by people who are dishing them out on platinum platters and you’re lapping them up! 

You are then regurgitating the same rubbish back out onto the platters that you’ve licked clean to feed to others. 

Your gullibility is saddening, and then trying to, and being successful, prey upon others who are easily swayed is the lowest of the low. 

You are the reason the rest of the population is being condemned to suffer through this pandemic longer, causing the virus to mutate, causing more people to be hospitalized, and causing more people to die. 

You are the ones who are saying we are being lied to, deceived and strung along by health officials and government officials, when they are sharing with us vital information. 

You are the ones who have seen with your own eyes what the COVID-19 virus and its strains/mutations look like under the microscope vs. what influenza and common cold viruses look like, yet you still have the audacity to preach that they’re one and the same. 

You are the ones who are saying that you have the freedom of rights to do whatever you want with your bodies and that under the Charter, you can’t be forced to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Here’s the raw reality: people have the same desires and freedoms and rights to not get sick and die because of you.

You are essentially condemning those of us who want to be safe and healthy to death because of how selfish and egocentric you all are.

“Hugs, not masks and social distancing” say your stupid signs, “The government is lying, that there is no COVID,” say others. “Do your own research,” “Don’t live in fear,” “Stop being sheep,” say even more! 

I have done countless hours of research. I have come to learn that all of your teachings are lies as a conclusion. 

I live in fear every day because I have respiratory issues and I don’t want to die because of all you heartless people. My anxiety is through the roof because of all of you.

I can’t find work easily because of all the additional turmoil you’re plunging the world into. Do you care? Absolutely not All you care is about yourselves  

Wake up and stop spreading lies, and the virus, with wild abandon.

Everything that you’re doing should be considered a crime and should be punishable. 

These laws must be put into place and enforced without exception. Condemning people to death because of you waving Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be stopped now. 

The Charter should not be used to protect people like you who are harming the rest of the country.

I feel sorry for all of you.

Greta Fader, Kelowna

Border should be closed to Albertans

 Dear Editor:

I can’t believe our B.C. government hasn’t shut the border traffic down from Alberta to B.C.

If our government truly cared about its citizens’ health, they’d create an order to stop the Albertans from coming here with their reckless attitudes and infesting all our downtown restaurants, hotels, shops and pubs.

They come in droves and then leave us with the aftermath to deal with.

Premier John Horgan has to step up and be a leader to protect us.

I just had to tell my family from up north not to come and visit this weekend because that’s the right thing to do as per our governments “strong suggestion,” whereas it should definitely be a government health order.

Albertans are no longer required to

isolate if exposed to positive COVID-19 cases and they’ve also stopped contact tracing.

I’m so angry. I know I’m not alone in wanting to tell every tourist here right now to “Go Home!”

Ken Read, Kelowna

Crocodile tears from U.S. police

Dear Editor:

I strongly object to the highly biased and inflammatory account of the hearing published in The Daily Courier as an Associated Press item. It seems impossible for the U.S. mainstream media to not sensationalize.

The Capitol Police are but glorified security guards, suited to directing tourists but as real cops, not so much. Their testimony seems like they are auditioning for the Oprah show and not telling the facts as professional law enforcement officers.

The “tearful” Sgt. Gonell moans about the lack of reinforcements. The Mayor of Washington was offered National Guard support by the U.S. Army days before and declined it. The FBI warned of problems.

The entire back side of the Capital Building was unprotected. It is no stretch to believe that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her crew wanted this to happen to provide another opportunity to vent their “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Will supervisors and agencies be held accountable for their failure to prepare for a known tactical situation? Not likely.

The article also describes “tearful” Office Dunn, who argued with protesters and couldn’t handle being called names. Imagine, a cop who can’t handle being called names?

The names I was called as a police officer can’t be printed in a family newspaper. I didn’t sit and cry about it. It came with the territory.

The truly violent people in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis called the cops much worse and threatened their lives for real with thrown dangerous objects and arson attacks.

These cry-baby Capital Police wouldn’t last an hour confronting real rioters in these cities.

The US Capital Police are an embarrassment to law enforcement and are but another pawn in the never-ending clown show directed by the out-of-control left-wing Democrats.

Not to be forgotten is the death of Ashley Babbit, the only person who died of violence in the protest. She was gunned down by a trigger-happy Capital police lieutenant.

As a supervisor of police investigations, I have been a part of many officer-involved shooting inquires. This was a classic “bad shooting.” The officer should be criminally charged.

The Capital has more video capability than a Hollywood movie studio. Has the government released this? Why not?

If homicide was “justified,” officers in several major cities might have shot many true rioters threatening their lives. They did not do so.

This may not mean much to Canadians and I understand that. However, as a U.S. citizen, this is all very disturbing to me.

Bob Sherman, Kelowna